Zita – Щapa

Chamber Piece by Katharina Fritsch and Alexej Koschkarow

Zita – Щapa. This chamber piece by Katharina Fritsch and Alexej Koschkarow is a precisely conceived installation in three rooms.

The artists created new sculptures and drawings for this work in an intensive period of exchange. In a scenic setting, the eight works enter into a dialogue with one another as if on a stage.

Through playing the Schaulager’s rooms with an artful dramaturgy, an ominous atmosphere arises, and what first presents itself as a domestic situation, quickly switches to an explosive mood.

The content and scale of the elaborately designed catalogue mirrors the complexity and the various levels that Zita – Щapa works on.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition at Schaulager, Basel, 12 June to 2 October 2016.

Published with Schaulager and Laurenz Foundation.

English and German text.

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