Svanesang / Swan Song

Mamma Andersson / Tal R

In August 2016 under the title Svanesang (Swan Song), Gallery Magnus Karlsson, Stockholm and Galleri Bo Bjerggaard, Copenhagen presented a joint exhibition featuring two of the leading painters in the Nordic countries, Mamma Andersson and Tal R.

The exhibition’s two parts consisted of new paintings and gouaches that were shown simultaneously in the two galleries in Copenhagen and Stockholm, respectively.

With Svanesang, Mamma Andersson and Tal R entered their first real artistic collaboration. The exhibition came into being after a yearlong visual dialogue between the two, in which they had exchanged motives and sent photographic material to each other.

In the exhibition, it eventually became apparent how the motives recurred in both artist’s works and how the inspiration had waved back and forth between the two in an enriching interaction.

Inspiration was never put on a pedestal, as the two artists had allowed themselves to manipulate the other’s image universe, focus again and thus take ownership of the material themselves.

The works stand as unique, artistic statements from Mamma Andersson and Tal R, but as this publication also illustrates, they simultaneously testify to a form of conversation or Chinese whispers.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition, Svanesang / Swan Song at Gallery Magnus Karlsson, Stockholm (30 August – 23 October 2016), and at Galleri Bo Bjerggaard, Copenhagen (24 August – 22 October 2016).

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