Suspended Belief

Tom Hackney

Tom Hackney was winner of the BOC Emerging Artist Award 2003 and Suspended Belief presents a series of new, immaculate and visually compelling photorealist paintings. The work explores the notion of landscape in terms of specific location; Hackney having visited and photographically recorded several areas in Los Angeles that have been used in the depiction of fictional Hollywood cinema. These photographs were then taken back to his studio to undergo the translation into paint.

Through the production of referential cinematic images Hackney explores the tension between fiction, myth and reality. He aims to juxtapose a Hollywood myth with a photographic truth, and then invert the process by creating a painted replica of a truthful depiction of fictional landscape. ‘In choosing to paint from the photographs I gathered, I wanted to amplify the connotations contained within the subjects. I suppose I wanted to recreate the original scenarios from which the photos were taken, rebuilding the situations like painted film sets.’

Published to accompany the exhibition Suspended Belief by Tom Hackney at Castlefield Gallery, December 2003 to February 2004.

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