Sophia Al-Maria / Omar Kholeif (2 volume set)

Virgin with a Memory / Jeddah Childhood circa 1994

This two volume set includes titles by artist Sophia Al-Maria and curator Omar Kholeif to accompany the exhibition Virgin with a Memory at Cornerhouse, Manchester, 6 September – 2 November 2014.

Composed of the novelisation of the script for Sophia Al-Maria’s unmade feature film Beretta, the book, Virgin with a Memory is composed of a cornucopia of material including emails, budgets, kit-lists, schedules, sketches, storyboards, headshots and excerpts from the script all illustrating what can happen when a young filmmaker’s creative process comes into contact with the crushing forces of politics and money.

Written as a companion publication by curator/writer, Omar Kholeif, Jeddah Childhood circa 1994, is a mini-novella cum critical essay about a teenage boy growing up in Saudi Arabia. Taking the form of a diary, it evokes a moment of cultural schizophrenia, when the Grunge movement with its thrift store aesthetic took over the malls and bedrooms of the Arab Gulf and the Middle East.

Published by Cornerhouse and The Third Line

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