Sofia Hultén

Here’s the Answer, What’s the Question?

Through a combination of sculptures, photographs and films, Sofia Hultén conveys an ongoing preoccupation with the material world and how we navigate it through time.

With an engaging thoughtfulness, Hultén’s work exemplifies her conviction that, ‘everything is in flux and that change is always possible’. She develops philosophical propositions out of stuff found on the streets, or unwanted abject things, thrown away, reinforcing the idea of looking twice at what is all-too-often taken for granted.

This is the most comprehensive exhibition (and accompanying catalogue) to date of work by the Berlin-based artist. The publication features a foreword by Jonathan Watkins, an interview between Sofia Hultén and James Langdon, and essays by Lisa Anette Ahlers and Chris Sharp.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition, Sofia Hultén: Here’s the Answer, What’s the Question? at Ikon Gallery, Birmingham (13 September – 26 November 2017).

Organised in collaboration with Museum Tinguely, Basel.

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