Monica Bonvicini

The renowned artist Monica Bonvicini (b. 1965, Venice, Italy) has developed an incisive pictorial language and a cross-media approach over the years.

With her installations, drawings, and sculptures, she poses questions with respect to gender and power relationships in quite diverse contexts. She focuses on the fields of architecture and sexuality, as well as politics and representation, and reveals how they are interconnected.

With her first institutional solo presentation in Berlin, the Berlinische Galerie honours the artist and her particular importance for the city.

This exhibition catalogue/artist’s book, with texts on Bonvicini’s oeuvre and numerous images, is published on the occasion of the site-specific exhibition, Monica Bonvicini at Berlinischen Galerie, Berlin (13 September 2017 – 26 February 2018).

English and German text.

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