Stephen Claydon Culpable Earth cover image

Culpable Earth

Steven Claydon

Culpable Earth is a monographic publication about British artist Steven Claydon’s work, published by firstsite on the occasion of Claydon’s solo exhibition by the same name (4 February – 7 May 2012).

This 144 page book features over 300 illustrations and previously unpublished texts about and by the artist, alongside an extended interview between Claydon and Martin Clark, Artistic Director, Tate St Ives.

‘Over the last decade Steven Claydon’s sculpture, print, painting, film and performance have been worrying away at the taxonomies and values integral to the Western canon. His exhibitions with their hessian grounds, stacked pedestals, frames within frames, portrait busts and eccentric artifacts both emulate and debunk the nature of the museum.’ –  Michelle Cotton

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