This catalogue has been published on the occasion of the 100th German Katholikentag 2016, the Reformation jubilee in 2017, and it looks at contemporary artists’ views of human beings in our time.

In the course of several chapters, dedicated to different aspects of being, people’s sensitivities, the unspeakable, the unutterable of their existence and their actions will be shown by means of photography, painting, sculpture, videos and installations.

There are images of ourselves that we do not like to look at; there are those that we see again and again and that insert themselves into human lives from birth to death. There are images that are emotional and moving, that accuse and reconcile, that keep asking the same question: what makes us human?

Featuring the work of Francis Alÿs, Kader Attia, Nathan Coley, Douglas Gordon, Jitka Hanzlová, Elizabeth Peyton, Bill Viola, Gillian Wearing, and many more.

Accompanies the exhibition, BEHOLD the MAN at Kunstmuseum Kloser Unser Lieben Frauen Magdeburg, Germany, 21 May – 5 November 2017.

English and German text.

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