Artists Talking

Conceptual Art: Baldessari, Barry, Büchler, Deller, Kosuth (DVD)

Artists Talking is a unique conversation series with internationally renowned artists.

This long-term interview project by museum in progress and Peter Kogler was initiated in 1992 and includes more than one hundred conversations up to date.

Conceptual Art, presents five exceptional artists, who speak about their work and discuss topics such as art schools, the space, conceptual art and the hierarchy of seeing.

Featuring John Baldessari, Robert Barry, Pavel Büchler, Jeremy Deller and Joseph Kosuth.

Interviewers: Hilary Lloyd, Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Martin Prinzhorn, Stella Rollig and Vitus Weh.

English with subtitles.

DVD 4:3 / PAL, 202 mins

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