!Mediengruppe Bitnik

!Mediengruppe Bitnik have made a name for themselves in recent years with spectacular works. They bugged the Zurich Opera and programmed a shopping bot to randomly shop for goods on the darknet.

!Mediengruppe Bitnik’s first monography <script>alert(“!Mediengruppe Bitnik”);</script> is a documentation of their works since 2007. It is published on the occasion of the Geneva Arts Society Prize, which they were awarded in 2017.

It features two text contributions: the first by curator and art critic Aude Launay and the other by art historian and curator Boris Magrini.

This publication, <script>alert(“!Mediengruppe Bitnik”);</script> is designed by Christoph Knoth und Konrad Renner, and accompanies !Mediengruppe Bitnik’s solo show at the Société des Arts’ Crosnier Room, Geneva, 29 September – 4 November 2017.

English and French text.

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