33 1/3

Cover Art

Vienna’s Kunstraum Nestroyhof exhibition puts the spotlight on the intersection of photography, fine arts and music: the record cover.

The sleeves for vinyl records, the essential popular music medium, have always been more than just a dust protector and bearer of information.

The designs for many album liners have come from significant photographers, artists and designers; they have spawned fruitful connections between music and the visual arts. Robert Frank worked with the Rolling Stones, who also cooperated with Andy Warhol. Patti Smith was photo- graphed by her friend Robert Mapplethorpe for not one, but several album covers.

The catalogue, 33 1/3 – Cover Art casts a look at the history of the album sleeve with more than 350 selected exhibits and was published on occasion of the exhibition at Kunstraum Nestroyhof, Vienna (22 June – 9 November 2017).

German text only.

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