Russia and Revolution

This week sees the opening of the exhibition Return of Memory here at HOME (previewing on Friday 20 October) which is part of our A Revolution Betrayed Season, marking 100 years since the Russian Revolution. #WeArePartofHome

With partners The New Social, HOME has co-published a stand-alone title timed to coincide with the exhibition, which we want to draw your attention to here:

Artemy Troitsky’s SUBKULTURA: Stories of Youth and Resistance in Russia, 1815-2017.

Chronologically ordered, it covers all the philosophers, punks, artists, anarchists and subversives that have, over the years, shaped the country to become what it has today. Youth culture, in particular, is where it is all at for the development of Russia! It is a rather interesting read, and we highly recommend it.  According to eminent music journalist Jon Savage, ‘This is an important book to anyone who is interested in 20th century geopolitics and youth culture.’ 

If you want to attend the book launch, where you can ask questions of author Artemy Troitsky, then follow this link to the event being held at HOME on Saturday  21st October at 16.30.

In keeping with the same spirit we thought it would be apt if we gave you some pointers to other books on our list that are loosely attached to the theme of ‘Russia‘ and/or ‘Revolution‘. Our back list is wide and varied and you may be interested to explore it further. We’re certainly very lucky to have such a diverse list, of titles and we want to share!  Some of these links may be considered a little tenuous, but we want you to explore our wonderful books, and show you just what we have on offer.

First up is  Gagarin in Britain £20. Published by the British Council, it focuses on the life of this amazing astronaut and details his role in the Soviet Space program. When the book was published the British Council held a mini exhibition to go alongside the publication.

We also have a few books on boundary-pushing Russian performance artist, Oleg Kulik, and other  Georgian/Russian artists Timur Novikov and Boris Groys (with Andrew Wekua):

Oleg Kulik Art Animal £42

Oleg Kulik The Mad Dog £9.95

Timur Novikov £10.00

Boris Groys / Andro Wekua: Wait to Wait £13.00

The marking one hundred years since the Russian Revolution and the Revolution theme is one that is being picked up in several art venues this autumn. For example, Tate Modern are just opening a Kababov show that closes in January (Ilya and Emilia Kabakov: Not Everyone Will be Taken into the Future, 18 Oct 2017 – 28 Jan 2018).

So here are some Kabakov titles that we have on our vast list, with the first one (Installations 2000- 2016 Vol 3) due in stock any day now.

Ilya Kabakov:  Installations 2000-2016 Vol 3 

Ilya Kabakov: Drawings / Dessins £29.00

Ilya Kabakov: Collage of Spaces £14

Ilya Kabakov: A Return of Painting £49.50

Ilya Kabakov: Artists Books 1958 – 2009 £120 – for those of you feeling ‘flush’!

Ilya Kabakov: On the Roof £35

Concentrating more on art and other Communist regimes, or a more political topical link, here are some titles that you might also find of interest:

Eva Kotakova: Pictorial Atlas of a Girl Who Cut a Library into Pieces £28.00

Solo for Dan Perjovschi: Daily Weekly Monthly £22.00

Then more on the subject of art being used as  non-conformist action/anti regime and Soviet anti-art, are the following:

Sokov £37.50

Glasnost: Soviet Non-Conformist Art from the 1980s £40

Revolution is not a Garden Party £12

The Turn: Art Practices in Post-Spring Societies £22

Revolutionary Decadence £11.99

Anti Shows: APTART 1982-84 £17

The Czech Files: Hans Ulrich Obrist £16.00

Notes from the Underground: Art and Alternative Music in Eastern Europe 1968 – 1994 £16

Finally, we have some books that directly link to the artists featuring in HOME’s Return of Memory show:

Phil Collins: I Only Want You To Love Me £19.99

and Kazimir Malevich features in Dawn Ades: Writings on Art and Anti-Art £20

Happy exploring!

Image credit: Pussy Riot at Lobnoe Place on Red Square. Denis Sinyakov, 2012. Courtesy of the photographer
Posted on 16th October 2017
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