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This week (2 October 2017) sees the release of Victoria Miro Gallery‘s beautiful, limited edition Milton Avery book, published in a special two-volume set: Home and Studio and A Sketchbook. Timed to coincide with a superb Milton Avery feature in World of Interiors magazine (issue: November 2017), this special publication was also produced to accompany exhibitions at Victoria Miro in London, and at Art Basel in the summer of 2017.

These two volumes really give a great insight into the way the American painter lived and worked. One of the volumes is a facsimile of his very own sketchbook – from his time in France in 1952. The other shows photos by Gautier Deblonde depicting Avery’s New York home and studio (Deblonde’s wonderful photography is also featured in, Burning Ice). Put together in a special folding slipcase this really is a beautiful and interesting object for any Milton Avery admirer! And if you’re a fan, then don’t forget the other Milton Avery book that we have on our list, again produced alongside Victoria Miro’s London Mayfair show earlier in 2017.

And picking up on the ‘beautiful interior’ theme of the Gautier Deblonde photo essay about Milton Avery’s abode (included in the two volume set,) we thought we’d take this opportunity to also point you in the direction of other interesting interior/design titles on our list. We have so many wonderful titles, it would be a crime not to!

First up is German Design for Modern Living: The Classics, which is pretty much what the title suggests – a presentation of German design classics! It can be considered both a design tool and a source of inspiration.

Next, having a slightly different take on the ‘interior’, is The House in the Middle: Photographs of Interior Design in the Nuclear Age. This explores how photos of the interior are set up with the ultimate goal of getting us to buy a product. Seemingly neutral scenes are carefully loaded to make us feel like we’re getting a special ‘in’.

Then there is Geiselhart: Architecture Interior Design 2006 – 2016, which documents six villas designed by architect/interior designer Jürgen Geiselhart. Or what about 100 Working Spaces – begging us to consider how we design our work spaces of today, and asking us what of the future?

If you are specifically into the design of lights, then The Complete Designer’s Lights II is definitely for you. Nearly 500 light designs are covered here, all created between 1950 and 1990, mainly covering Italian and French creations.

Furniture design really your thing? In Donald Judd’s A Good Chair is a Good Chair this highly regarded minimalist artist’s designs for chairs, beds, desks, shelves and tables are revealed. One of our bestselling titles, this is well worth a look, to see what you might be missing out on.

Or how about a survey of contemporary artists who incorporate interior design into their artworks? This title accompanied the very popular exhibition of the same name at the Hayward Gallery in 2010: The New Décor.

For Scandinavian design lovers, there’s also funky playing cards, Design Finland. Then there’s communal spaces-obsessed EOOS’s Social Furniture featuring designs for the building of functional, working social spaces.

And finally, there’s TECTA’s Flying Furniture – a chronicle of their amazing TECTA factory creations, over the last 60 years.

And if that has whetted your appetite, why not browse our online catalogue further? Take a look at all the titles we list under the architecture & design category.

Posted on 2nd October 2017
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