Yto Barrada

For more than a decade now, French-Moroccan artist Yto Barrada has offered a reflection on postcolonial history and current geopolitical changes from a ‘non-Western’ art world perspective.

Trained at the International Center of Photography (New York), she gained recognition in 2004 with her long-lasting project entitled A Life Full of Hopes – The Strait Project.

In this photographic series – for which she received the Ellen Auerbach Award in 2006 – she presents an unexpected portrait of her hometown Tangier. Her works include films, installations, sculptures, and publications, and propose a combination of documentary strategies with a meditative approach to images.

Introduced by Spanish writer Juan Goytisolo, this reference monograph puts together a retrospective essay by the art critic and curator Marie Muracciole, a visual essay by the art historian and theoretician Jean-François Chevrier, and an interview with Sina Najafi, the editor-in-chief of Cabinet magazine.

Together with a large selection of works, these texts offer an overview of Barrada’s work – a practice that deals with history and geography, family stories, and layered memories.

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