Ron McCormick

This elegant bookwork by British photographer, Ron McCormick explores the colour yellow, through a series of photographic images drawn from the signs, found marks and detritus of the city. Spray-painted marks, used to designate damaged pavements and walkways, pepper the urban environment and dance across the city with discordant beauty. Utilising a sequential narrative – with varying degrees of scale, composition and abstraction – the photographer brings together these disparate elements to create a visual feast of subtlety, pleasure and sophistication. Taken on another level, the sequences of symbols and signs, project overt and subliminal messages, which suggest a covert world of 21st century urban hieroglyphics, made up of codes and semi-secret meanings.

Whatever reading is brought to bear, Yellow offers a highly stimulating visual experience for individual enjoyment and reflection. Originated entirely by digital means, Yellow is lavishly illustrated – from beginning to end – with over 60 striking photographic reproductions.

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