Silja Yvette

Season of Admin

Subtle, uncanny and at the same time perceptive – the photographs of Silja Yvette (b. 1986) ‘evoke associations ranging from ironic reflection to elegiac allusion, from the fragility of being to a certain longing for the elementary.’ (Annekathrin Müller, Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation).

At the origin of, Season of Admin is an unease regarding any socially organised and administered relationship to nature and things.

The images deal with issues related to the self-description of a subject that considers itself autonomous and on the other hand with the agency of things, assuming an understanding of hybrid forms of actions.

Silja Yvette is a German artist who currently lives and works in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Her work deals with a tradition of dialectic of enlightenment focusing on ecological aspects and the relationship between human beings and the world of natural and artificial objects.

Her works often approach the absurdity of a well restricted and administrated nature with a captivated eye pointing on the influence and the social interactiveness of things. Yvettes artistic practice combines different techniques as photography, painting, material pictures and installations.

English and German text.

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