Monique Frydman

Monique Frydman’s abstract paintings are a vibrant embodiment of colour and light. Soft lines are produced through frottage, a technique for which the artist rubs pastel on to an unstretched canvas that has been placed over a tangle of cord or string, and completed by adding pigment to the surface. Elegant arabesques of lines created by this process blend into the colour-saturated canvas producing works of dazzling luminosity.

Accompanies the exhibition Monique Frydman, 7 Jun – 12 Aug 2017, Parasol Unit, London, UK. This is the first public exhibition of the French artist in the UK and surveys almost 30 years of work.

Edited by Ziba Ardalan for Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art.

Includes essays by author, poet and art critic Michael Glover; culture writer Farah Nayer and an essay by Ziba Ardalan, director and curator of Parasol unit, London.

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