Money, Good and Evil

A Visual History of the Economy

Money is inextricably linked to history. In one century it seems to be a good thing, in another evil, then it becomes almost invisible. The catalogue for the Great Federal State Exhibition shows how differently artists have portrayed the age-old question of money and how it is handled over a period of 750 years.

While the Renaissance merchants flaunt their riches as a sign of success and progress, the depiction of coins in the Baroque period becomes a symbol of a fleeting earthly wealth. Most recently, the financial crisis of 2008 spurred international artists to once again voice their criticism of capitalism.

Money and business, power and morality – the portrayal ranges from socio-psychological or objectively analytic points of view to an emotional exploration of the subject.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition, Money, Good and Evil at Staatliche Kunsthalle, Baden-Baden Museum, and Casino Baden-Baden, 5 March – 19 June 2016.

English and German text.

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