Mapping the Body

The Body in Contemporary Life

This publication accompanies the international group exhibition Mapping The Body – The Body in Contemporary Life , devoted to artistic examination of the conditions of corporeality at a time when we are seeing a steady rise in the body’s economic and media appropriation, when technological progress suggests a victory over physical limitations, and there are increasing confrontations between different political, religious and cultural ideas of sexuality and gender.

How do social values, systems and technologies shape dealings with the human body? What are the relations between physicality and the development of identity and personality? In what images and formal languages is the transformation, education and disciplining of the body manifest?

Caught between creating new awareness of physicality and concern over the loss of sovereignty and autonomy, the body is a medium in the struggle between world views. Mapping the body in today’s world means an investigation and exploration of globalized society, and how it is conveyed, developed and constructed.

English and German text.

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