Journey To The End Of The Species

Part philosophical anthology and part science fiction, this illustrated volume tackles the mind boggling phenomenon of post-humanism. Journey to the End of the Species offers various proposals to actually create successors to the human race, establishing a set of resources – literary, artistic and political – to initiate thinking about a previously inconceivable future beyond humanity as we know it.

Thierry Bardini & Dominique Lestel elaborate together since the dawn of the new Millennium a positive and creative conception of the post human phenomenon. Lestel has been thinking for the last twenty years about the man-animal-machine hybrid communities and Bardini has been working during the same period on a history of contemporary cyber culture, in its informatics as well as in its biological becomings.

Bardini is the author of Bootstrapping (Stanford University Press, 2000) and Junkware (University of Minnesota Press, 2010) and Lestel is the author of Les origines animales de la culture (Flammarion, 2001), L’animal singulier (Seuil, 2004) and L’animal est l’avenir de l’homme (Fayard, 2010).

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