engage 25

Family Learning

engage 25 focuses on family learning in the visual arts. It examines approaches from the UK and abroad, the challenges of researching this area, and looks at how galleries and museums can best cater simultaneously for different age groups with very different needs and learning styles.

How can the concept of play structure family learning? What is the role of family learning in regeneration and recession? And how do gallery educators negotiate the complex, overlapping roles of artist, educator and social worker in this context?

Contributors include: Marianna Adams, Jessica Luke and Jeanine Ancelet; Ali Bennett; Hannah Fussner; Anna Harding; Penny Hay and Mary Fawcett; Joumana al Jabri; Joanne Kenworthy; Kaija Kaitavuori and Minna Raitmaa; Emily Pringle; Simon Taylor.

First published in 1996, the engage journal is the international journal of visual art and gallery education.

Each edition of this twice-yearly publication focuses on a separate theme to form a definitive collection of work on all aspects of visual art and gallery education.

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