British Sculpture in the Lady Lever Art Gallery

William Hesketh Lever, the first Lord Leverhulme, was probably the most important single patron of British sculpture made around 1900, particularly the so-called ‘New Sculpture’; the Lady Lever Art Gallery consequently has one of the finest British collections of sculpture of that period. Lever amassed sculpture in his many magnificent houses and gardens on a monumental scale. His architects, William and Segar Owen, designed for his sculpture two columned rotundas in the Gallery, which are among the most beautiful rooms in any early 20th century gallery. These rooms contain the most important permanent display of the New Sculpture – the poetic and imaginative bronzes of late Victorian and Edwardian Britain – and by far the most important collection of it outside London. Lever was also a personal friend of two of the leading sculptors of the movement, Edward Onslow Ford and William Goscombe John. This is a detailed and fully illustrated catalogue of about 60 works and includes all the British sculpture in the gallery’s collection.

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