Being Apart

Michaela Zimmer

The Conservation Centre, Liverpool, hosted a two-year residency by photography/sculpture/performance artist Michaela Zimmer, starting in January 2000. The residency, the first of its kind at the Conservation Centre, was supported by the North West Arts Board.

Michaela Zimmer’s physical creative process culminates in a photographic record of her activity, capturing her interactions with surroundings and performances without audiences. More than thirty photographs documenting the work she produced during her residency were displayed in her exhibition ‘being apart’. A catalogue was also produced to accompany the show.

Michaela Zimmer makes art with her body. To describe it as Body Art places it perhaps too firmly in the genre of live performance that emerged in the late 1950s in which artists used their bodies as materials. These performances, sometimes described as happenings or actions, favoured live artist/audience interaction, heeding perhaps Marcel Duchamp’s assertion that the spectator ‘completes’ the work of art. Zimmer performs, but she is her own audience, working alone in her studio, describing her work as ‘somehow a private dance performance’. It seems to have a closer affinity to personal research than public presentation.’ (From the introduction by Michael Simpson)

Illusrated throughout, this publication includes a preface by Andrew Durham and an introduction by Michael Simpson, Curator of Fine Art at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool. Also includes Michaela Zimmer’s most recent CV.

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