40/40 – Young Architects from Finland

We invited 40 young and promising architects to send us material: photographs and drawings of both built and unbuilt projects, such as office buildings, hotels, libraries, housing, summer houses, commercial buildings, and interior design. There were also competition winning proposals, student projects, essays, and so on. This rich and varied material makes up a totality which vividly shows the direction of contemporary Finnish architecture into the future.

40/40 Young Architect from Finland has been edited by the British author and critic Roger Connah. He has divided these architects in the book into three groups: Hip, Hop and House, defining these as follows: ‘Hip exists on its own. It means of the moment, topical, possibly synthetic, even at times cool as used in the colloquial sense of now. Hop is a jump, the transition from one place to another, suggesting the way ideas might pass, develop and fuse into something else. House of course, is the place we end up in, ultimately architecture as home, as shelter.’ Borders and definitions are flexible, and there will most certainly be other interpretations of the material featured in the book.

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