282 Gymnasts

Oliver Kröning

During the World Championship of 2015, Oliver Kröning photographed 282 gymnasts from fifty-eight countries, outside of their usual surroundings, in front of a stylized background emphasizing the charisma of each individual gymnast.

The classical photography is refracted in digital reproductions of the gymnasts during their free program. They show how rhythmic sport gymnastics is often perceived: This sport receives limited attention and depends on live transmissions on the Internet.

The athletes, however, live for the details: for grace, passion, and control. They strive for the perfect free program, the reward for many years of hard training and unconditional dedication to this sport.

The portraits brought together in the book form a cross-section that reflects the ‘diversity and similarity’ of the athletes. And, nevertheless, each athlete represents a personal journey of her own. Similarity becomes individuality.

English and German text.

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